One of the top most
conglomerates in
One of the top most conglomerates in PAKISTAN
With an impressive past, a dynamic present and a brilliant future, we envision our Group to become a leading shipping and cargo trading conglomerate with a diversified portfolio of business and be recognized for our professional excellence not only in Pakistan but all around the world.
Welcome to Aqua Groups Pakistan

Our Mission

To provide the best of our services with absolute dedication and integrity while maintaining highest standards of quality and performance. To offer innovative and viable business solutions that also help us to lead with the commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations. To create safe and secure working conditions for our employees with maximized opportunities to help them grow with the Group

Express Cargo Shipment

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Warehousing Solutions

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we give your product a safe handeling

Core Values

The business ethics of the Aqua Group are built upon these five pillars

We keep our customers at top priority to fulfill their requirements at the earliest
We value our people and deem them as our partners in success
We respect and obey laws of the land and abide by the rules for fair business practices
We strive to bring continuous improvements and efficiency in our management systems and business operations
We believe in flexibility and sincerity in adopting the rules of good corporate governance
About us

Since 1982, we have strived to position the Group as a reputable shipping services provider not only in Pakistan but across the globe. Our commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations & continued operating excellence earned us an immense growth and trustworthy relationships.
In these 28 years, our unwavering resilience made us stand with times and we kept offering unmatched business solutions proving our competitiveness in effectively managing and operating vessels of different sizes. The ultimate goal of our business is to provide dependable, secure and efficient delivery of our customers’ valuable products. Aqua Group has played an important role in the development of sea transportation in Pakistan.
We have always been committed to provide the best quality of service through continuous improvements. We keep progress with improved management systems & human resource and by enhancing our mechanical & technological capabilities. We work to contribute to the lives of our people, while making them economically and socially stable. We have developed a diversified portfolio of businesses that enables us to offer all kinds of solutions related to shipping business.
We believe that our customers’ success is our accomplishment. Thus, we are obliged to express our gratitude to all our customers, business partners, suppliers and government agencies for their continued support and strong trust on our competence.

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around the globe

We will take care of your cargo and deliver them safe and with in time



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Logistics & Stevedoring

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